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Hostetler Roofing’s Commerical Roofing Services


Hostetler Roofing LLC of Windyville, MO provides quality roofing services for commercial and residential customers. We provide complete roof installation and repair services. This means we handle everything from the initial bid to stripping the old roof off and disposing of it to the final inspection.

Hostetler Roofing LLC can help restore or seal and insulate any commerical roof using a variety of systems and products, from polyurethane foam sealants to membrane coatings to fabric-reinforced sealing and insulation systems. No matter what your building needs, Hostetler Roofing LLC can help you get the job done properly, professionally, and attractively.

Click here for Before-and-After shots of some of our large-scale commercial roofing repairs and installations.

Hostetler Roofing Offers The Following Services:

• Commercial and residential roofing and roof restoration

• Metal roofing systems

• Foam and coating systems

• EPDM rubber coating systems

• Conklin roofing systems

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Learn more about our services by downloading these free informative brochures:

Download: Conklin Metal Roof Systems

Download: Conklin Membrane Coating System

Download: Conklin Fabric-Reinforced System

Foam and Coatings Application service:

Hostetler Roofing LLC’s Foam and Coatings Application goes over most substrates.  First we ensure that we have a dry clean roof surface, then we spray approximately 1 inch of our closed cell polyurethane to the roof surface and parapet walls if present.  (Note:  There is an R7 insulation value per inch of foam.)  We then coat the foam with our elastomeric base coat and finish coating with our brite white Top Coat which is 85% reflective of the sun.  This system provides a very cool and energy saving roof.

Flexion System

Hostetler Roofing will either install an iso board or a slip sheet before mechanically fastening our Flexion, which is a PVC thermoplastic membrane.  The Flexion is white which reflects 85% of the sun.

Image courtesy of Conklin Roofing Systems

Metal Roof Coatings System

Don’t replace your roof- restore it! Hostetler Roofing LLC can help.

Even old metal roofs can be restored with the right coating. We use the Conklin MR System, which uses a combination of cleaning, filling, caulking, and coating to bring even roofs as old as 30 years back to peak performance and insulation. This coating system stops leaks, extends the life of your roof, overcomes metal design flaws, and reduces air conditioning and heating costs.

First we will apply a mild acid etch and pressure wash your roof surface for a clean surface.  Then we apply our metal ready rust primer to bind all rust, seal all seams with a fabric and coating and seal all fasteners with a fastener grade quik caulk.   We finish coating with our brite white elatomeric coating which is 85% reflective of the sun.


More About Conklin Roofing Systems:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Provide energy savings
  • White acrylic roof coatings
  • Flat or low-sloped roofs
  • All sizes of buildings

We are a Conklin independent business owner.

Below you’ll find Before-and-After pictures of a few large commercial roof repair jobs we’ve done in the past.

Click on any image for a larger version.

South Carolina Distribution Center Roof Repair



The Mur-Tex Roof Repair in Amarillo, Texas



Walmart Super Center Roof Repair



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